What is Disabilities MIG?

  • The Disabilities in Nutrition and Dietetics (Disabilities) MIG is a community that connects Academy members who self-identify as having a disability, work with clients/patients with disabilities, educate members with disabilities, and/or are interested in disabilities as related to nutrition and dietetics.

What do they envision:

  • A world where individuals with disabilities have accessible nutrition guidance, nutrient-rich food to optimize health, and equal access and opportunities to become active and fully contributing dietetic practitioners.

How will they achieve it?

  • Empower members to be leaders in promoting accessible nutrition guidance and nutrient-rich food for individuals with disabilities and empower individuals with disabilities to achieve full access and inclusion into dietetic education programs, thrive as contributing dietetic practitioners, and serve as professional leaders.

Why do members need this MIG?

  • The Disabilities MIG delivers valuable resources; offers quality education and professional development; provides members with unique opportunities for leadership development, mentoring, collaborating, and networking; promotes accessibility, accommodations, and usability; encourages Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA); and fosters advocacy for individuals with disabilities as related to nutrition and dietetics.

Who is a member?

  • Students, interns, dietetic practitioners, and other nutrition and public health professionals — who have disabilities, work with patients/clients with disabilities, and/or educate students/interns with disabilities or are interested in these topics.

How can I get involved?

  • If you are interested in becoming a member in June, and/or learning more about volunteer opporutnites with Disabilities MIG, tell us more about your interest HERE!